Central Load Balancer

A central load balancer for all microservices is not only not recommended for these reasons but also because of the configuration. The configuration of the load balancer gets very complex when only one load balancer is responsible for many microservices. Besides, the configuration has to be coordinated between all microservices. Especially when a new version of a microservice is being deployed, a modification of the load balancer can be sensible in order to put the new microservice only after a comprehensive test under load. The need for coordination between microservices should especially be avoided with regard to deployment to ensure the independent deployment of microservices. In case of such a reconfiguration, one has to make sure that the load balancer supports a dynamic reconfiguration and, for instance, does not lose information regarding sessions if the microservice uses sessions. Also for this reason it is not recommended that stateful microservices should be implemented.

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