Tests Minimize Expenditure

Tests can do more than just minimize risk. They can also help to minimize or avoid expenditure. An error in production can incur significant expense. The error may also affect customer service, something that can result in extra costs. Identifying and correcting errors in production is almost always more difficult and time-consuming than during tests. Access to the production systems is normally restricted, and developers will have moved on to work on other features and will have to reacquaint themselves with the code that is causing errors.

In addition, using the correct approach for tests can help to avoid or reduce expenditures. Automating tests may appear time-consuming at first glance. However, when tests are so well defined that results are reproducible, the steps needed to achieve complete formalization, and automation are small. When the costs for the execution of the tests are negligible it becomes possible to test more frequently, which leads to improved quality.

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