Operations and Continuous Delivery of Microservices

Deployment and operation are additional components of the continuous delivery pipeline (see section 10.1). When the software has been tested in the context of the pipeline, the microservices go into production. There, monitoring and logging collect information that can be used for the further development of the microservices.

The operation of a microservice-based system is more laborious than the operation of a deployment monolith. There are many more deployable artifacts that all have to be surveilled. Section 11.1 discusses the typical challenges associated with the operation of microservice-based systems in detail. Logging is the topic of section 11.2. Section 11.3 focuses on the monitoring of the microservices. Deployment is treated in section 11.4. Section 11.6 shows necessary measures for directing a microservice from the outside, and finally, section 11.7 describes suitable infrastructures for the operation of microservices.

The challenges associated with operation should not be underestimated. It is in this area where the most complex problems associated with the use of microservices frequently arise.

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