Correlate with Events

In addition, it can be sensible to correlate data with an event, such as a new release. This requires that information about the event has to be handed over to monitoring. When a new release creates markedly more revenue or causes decisively longer response times, this is an interesting realization.

Monitoring = Tests?

In a certain way monitoring is another version of testing (see section 10.4). While tests look at the correct functioning of a new release in a test environment, monitoring examines the behavior of the application in a production environment. The integration tests should also be reflected in monitoring. When a problem causes an integration test to fail, there can be an associated alarm in monitoring. Besides, monitoring should also be activated for test environments to pinpoint problems already in the tests. When the risk associated with deployments is reduced by suitable measures (see section 11.4), the monitoring can even take over part of the tests.

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