Developer Anarchy

The approach Developer[1] Anarchy[2] is even more radical in regards to the freedom of the teams. It confers the entire responsibility to the developers. They cannot only freely choose technologies but even rewrite code if they deem it necessary. Besides, they communicate directly with the stakeholders. This approach is employed in very fast growing enterprises and works very well there. Behind this idea is Fred George, who has collected more than 40 years of experience while working in many different companies. In a model like this, macro architecture and deployment monoliths are abolished so that the developers can do what they think is best. This approach is very radical and shows how far the idea can be extended.

Try and Experiment

• In Figures 12.3-12.5 areas are marked that can belong to either micro or macro architecture. These are the elements that are depicted in the center of the respective figures. Look through these elements and decide whether you would place them in micro or macro architecture. Most important is your reasoning for the one or the other alternative. Take into consideration that making decisions at the level of the micro architecture rather than the level of the macro architecture corresponds to the microservice idea of independent teams.

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  • [2]
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