Development versus Test versus Operations: Change of Perspective

In many companies there are initiatives for a change of perspective. For example, employees from sales may work in the purchasing department for a day to get to know the people and the processes there. The expectation is that the employees will develop a better understanding for their colleagues and to let that become part of their daily work so that cross-department processes harmonize better. The motto is: “On ‘the other side’ you get to know a new perspective!”

Such a change of perspective can also be advantageous in IT. A developer could, for instance, get a new perspective with regard to the use cases or test cases. This might motivate them to enforce a modularization in the development, which is easier to test. Or they might consider early in development which criteria will be needed later on to better monitor the software in production or to more easily find errors. A deeper insight into the internal processes of the application can help an administrator to develop a better understanding for implementing a more specific and more efficient monitoring. Each perspective that deviates from one’s own perspective can raise questions that previously were not considered in this section of the application life cycle. These questions will help the team to evolve as a whole and deliver better software.

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