Agenda for Action

It has taken far too long to address vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. Research has been done, best practices developed, and products are on the market to reduce and defend against cyber attacks. Clearly, not all have paid heed and the severity of cyber attacks, as well as their economic impact, has increased at an embarrassingly alarming rate. Social media warfare is in its infancy, and it is time to get ahead of it and not flounder as has been done in the face of cyber threats. Good lives are at stake. Action steps should include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • ? Establish and support research efforts addressing the threats inherent in social media warfare.
  • ? Establish a special focus research institute addressing social media warfare from a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  • ? Organize symposia where professionals from multiple disciplines can contribute to and participate in on an ongoing basis.
  • ? Establish a multi-disciplinary journal that publishes articles on social media warfare.
  • ? Continue to develop military capabilities, both to defend against social media warfare tactics and to use tactics in an offensive manner.
  • ? Build international and cross-sector relationships to support information sharing regarding social media warfare threats.
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