Agenda for Action

Social media use in warfare and non-conflict environments is changing rapidly and military organizations, at least in the United States, are developing social media policies and tactics. Military organizations are particularly vulnerable to social media warfare tactics, and the security of operations may be put at risk in many ways. Action steps should include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • ? Establish and support research efforts addressing the threats to military operations in social media warfare.
  • ? Include social media warfare issues in all relevant military training and education programs.
  • ? Increase military social media application use, management, and content monitoring; these should be ongoing activities, and lessons learned procedures should be applied to both successes and failures.
  • ? The U.S. Army is doing a splendid and greatly superior job in using social media than most private companies are; a knowledge transfer program should be established to help train organizations in critical industry sectors on social media management and deployment.
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