Key Terms

Consolidated registry is a mechanism the U.S. military services use to inventory, approve, and authenticate social media use throughout all levels of the services.

Culture of security is an organization culture in which security pervades every aspect of daily life and in all operational situations.

Geotagging is the process of embedding global positioning system (GPS) coordinates in photographs taken using a smartphone or other GPS-capable devices.

Personal use means using a service or an item only for personal reasons and goals that do not have any relationship to the organization employing the individual using the item or service.

Security awareness is the basic level of understanding of security and recognition of the importance of security.

Security threats are conditions, people, or events that can jeopardize the security of an organization, a facility, any asset belonging to an organization, or the employees of the organization.

Security vigilance is the constant attention given to security during day-to-day operations; it contributes to security by encouraging the reporting of security violations and makes suggestions on how to improve security when weaknesses are observed.

Sensitive information is that information held by or created by an organization that, if revealed to the wrong party, would cause harm to the organization owning or creating the information.

Social media applications are any existing or future networked computer program that facilitates communication between individuals or individuals and groups.

Social media policies specify who in an organization is responsible for social media operations and specify when, why, where, and how social media can be used on behalf of an organization; they provide guidance on the inappropriate use of social media by corporate media staff and employees.

Social media presence is an organization’s use of social media accounts and applications to communicate with individuals or groups; it is also the mention, comments, discussions, and display of any material on any social media application that relates to or depicts an organization.

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