Agenda for Action

Social media warfare mercenaries, rangers, and activist have found that the Internet and social media applications provide them with a new set of weapons to either fight for hire or fight for a cause. The fight for freedom, overcoming oppression, and achieving social justice on the Internet is just beginning. Corrupt governments, corporations, and individuals will not fall easily, but activists will not be going away any time soon, if ever. Action steps should include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • ? Rangers and activists should be leery of governments cooperating with each other in order to halt their efforts. Much of that cooperation is pursued in the fight against terrorism.
  • ? Social media warfare mercenaries should use caution when accepting work from oppressive governments or corrupt corporations because they themselves may become victims in the fight against evil.
  • ? Individuals or organizations that hire social media warfare mercenaries should carefully check the background of people they hire to prevent problems, such as infiltration into their organizations.
  • ? Those individuals or organizations that hire social media warfare mercenaries should not provide excessive amounts of information about the missions or goals of the organization in order to prevent problems such as exposure of potentially damaging information.
  • ? Activists should carefully examine the performance and fund-raising records of the organizations they support to ensure that those organizations are not corrupt or misappropriating funds.
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