Agenda for Action

Countering the violent extremism that is driving terrorist threats is a multigenerational challenge, and victories over the violent extremist ideologies that underpin it are not found on the battlefield, but rather in mindsets. Narratives against violent extremism, not just counter narratives that argue point-for-point with extremists, can be powerful incentives for positive action, especially alternative master narratives, and the message, the medium, and the messenger are all integral to effective messaging. Action steps should include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • ? Provide further training for law enforcement agencies to monitor and investigate violent extremist social media content so that they can identify and conduct surveillance of radicalized individuals.
  • ? Continue the dialogue between governments, law enforcement agencies, and social media service and application providers on how to stem the flow of violent extremist messaging on social media.
  • ? Provide more funding for NGOs and private start-ups to develop and deliver alternative master narratives delivered by credible voices.
  • ? Train and educate candidates for public office on positive alternative messages regarding the Muslim population and Muslim countries.
  • ? Develop counter messaging to mitigate the impact of hate speech in countries around the world.
  • ? Develop alternative positive messages for U.S. citizens and residents to replace the hate speech and prejudicial attitudes that currently dominate the culture.
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