Question templates

The six question modules are attached to these guidelines as Annex B. Each question module is presented in the same format, containing a common set of headings that outline the objectives of the module (what kind of information it is trying to gather), a description of the contents of the module, the origin of the questions in the module, how the data from the module should be presented, background information for interviewers, and the detailed question wording. These headings are described in more detail below.


The objective succinctly outlines the purpose of the block, including both the type of information it is designed to elicit and the rationale behind the scope of the question block.


A description of the contents of each question module is provided, outlining the role of each of the questions in the module with respect to the module’s objectives. The description is intended to assist users to identify which questions they wish to use in the event that they choose to implement only part of the module.

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