Questions included in each module are drawn from existing sources and remain unchanged wherever possible to maximise comparability with previous work. However, some items have been modified to a greater or lesser extent where a variety of question versions exist in the literature, and/or where there are clear grounds for small changes in item wording or response scales, for example based on the evidence in Chapter 2. The origin section indicates the source of the questions and notes whether they have been altered.

Completion time

This gives an estimate of the time required to run the entire module.


The output section contains basic information on the production of standard tables and measures from the question block. This information is not exhaustive, but is intended to provide some basic guidelines for data producers. Such guidelines are important, both in order to assist producers in presenting the data appropriately, but also to provide context for why the questions are framed in the way that they are.

A number of the question blocks are intended to produce multi-item measures of subjective well-being derived from the survey questions. The output section provides details on the construction of these multi-item measures, and how they should be reported.

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