Developing a new curriculum in any discipline is always a complex process. Developing a new curriculum in a discipline that does not have tertiary education within its social memory is a venture that needs to be approached with sensitivity and diligence to partnership building with the industry concerned. This chapter has outlined the path taken by an industry partnership to forge links between one industry and a university to create a BEmergServ. Using a structured process such as CA to reflect on this path has allowed the members to better understand the task ahead and to more clearly identify what and how key values and principles can be integrated into a curriculum to ensure these are developed in graduating students. In particular, we have explored the relationship between community resilience and principles of participation, partnership, prevention and praxis as core principles within a curriculum and how these can benefit the fire and emergency staff, the discipline and the communities in which these members work. CA has provided us with a way to model to our students these same values and principles. It demonstrates that engaged research is practice-based, that builds on relationships and partnerships to come up with innovative ways of undertaking the work we do on a daily basis. If we can instill these principles into our students, our discipline will be much better placed to meet the challenges of the future.

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