Application to the management of individuals

Multi-ontology description

An individual is an instance of a given class and is characterized by a set of properties. For example, Charles de Gaulle is an individual in the “physical person” category and is characterized by properties like his first name, last name and date of birth. An individual can have different descriptions according to the domain in which they are performed. From a political standpoint, for example, Charles de Gaulle can be presented as the person who established the Fifth Republic and was its first president, as well as the person who instituted election by universal suffrage in France. From an historic standpoint of 20th-Century military conflicts, however, he would instead be presented as a resistance fighter from the onset, the liberator of France and the person who put an end to the Algerian conflict. The system that we propose for managing individuals allows a multi-ontology description of the individuals. In this way, an individual has a minimal description common to all the domains of description performed by using the system’s core ontology. However, this same individual can have different properties (and/or property values) according to different domain ontologies. All of these properties are stored in the same individual graph with no reference made to the ontologies in which they are declared. When they are displayed, however, they are filtered by the annotation system as a function of the ontology selected by the user.

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