Most occupational safety and health (OSH) books tell the reader how to apply all the concepts, principles, elements, and tools of prevention and develop interventions and initiatives to mitigate occupational injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

This book is not a how-to book. It is a book that addresses the principles and philosophical basis for all the varied components and elements needed to develop and manage an effective safety and health program or initiative. It is a book designed to answer the questions often posed as to why should we do it this way. It is the why book.

This book was developed to provide safety professionals, students, and employers with the basic tenets for the justification and purpose of an OSH initiative and for those responsible for safety and health within the industrial and business communities.

Those involved with assuring that a safe and healthy workplace is provided to employees are always challenged as to why principle and philosophical approaches are needed in order to develop and implement a functional OSH environment. Those responsible for safety and health are always answering the following questions, Why do we need this component or these elements? Can their use be justified as to effectiveness and cost? How will it work? How sure are you of your recommendation(s)?

The intent of this book is to provide a reference, blueprint, and a helpmate for the philosophical basis and the use of the principles for inclusion in OSH and the justification for their inclusion as integral components of doing business.

Suffice it to say that the protection of an employer's workforce should be the primary goal or objective of any OSH initiative.

This book includes the philosophical aspects of organizing safety and health in a corporation, company, or organization; the impacts that people have on safety and health; the tools available for application of safety and health issues; and the potential for new or evolving approaches in addressing workplace safety and health.

A philosophical approach and use of principles expresses the reasons and logic that dictate the decision-making process regarding what methodology, elements, and applications to use that have been successfully and effectively implemented during the past 46 years since the inception of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to facilitate the protection of the United States' workforce.

Thus, Occupational Safety and Health: Fundamental Principles and Philosophies addresses the issue of why we address OSH issues in a structured and organized fashion in the same manner as we would use for any other facet of a business.

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