The reason for addressing education and training as an integral part of the occupational safety and health (OSH) approach by a company is to be assured of the qualifications of managers, supervisors, and employees by training them in the expectations, behaviors, and commitment to safety and health by the employer. This is why support of training and education for the workforce has its importance to OSH. A well-educated and well-trained workforce results in better control of safety and health outcomes.

Why train employees regarding OSH? Any time an employee does not have the skill or skills needed to perform a job in a safe manner, he/she needs to be trained. The failure to have a trained workforce will have an impact upon the following:

  • • Productivity
  • • Motivation
  • • Cost
  • • Numbers of accidents/incidents

Other factors as to why safety and health education and training are important to safety and health endeavors are as follows:

  • • To be able to perform all work-related tasks in safe and healthy manner
  • • To set forth the employer's OSH expectations
  • • To allow the workers to protect themselves and understand how to avoid the hazards of their jobs
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