Why Train Supervisors?

It is important that supervisors also receive useful training since the employer's OSH message and philosophy flow directly from the supervisor to the employees. The supervisor is the key person in the accomplishment of safety and health in the workplace. The supervisor will often be overlooked when it comes to safety and health training. Thus, the supervisor is frequently ill equipped to be the lead person for the company's safety and health initiative. A list of suggested training topics for supervisors includes the following:

  • • Accident causes and basic remedies
  • • Building attitudes favorable to safety
  • • Communicating safe work practices
  • • Cost of accidents and their effect on production
  • • Determining accident causes
  • • First-aid training
  • • Giving job instruction
  • • Job instruction for safety
  • • Knowledge of federal and state laws
  • • Making the workplace safe
  • • Mechanical safeguarding
  • • Motivating safe work practices
  • • Number and kinds of accidents
  • • Organization and operation of a safety program
  • • Safe handling of materials
  • • Supervising safe performance on the job
  • • Supervisor's place in accident prevention
  • • The investigation and methods of reporting incidents to the company and government agencies

All managers should receive formal training regarding the safety and health program management and responsibilities similar to requirements for supervisors.

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