Health Budgeting

Health budgeting must address the existing health factors and the required controls and need for sampling or screening. This may require that an industrial hygienist be hired full time, part time, or on contract. The cost of purchasing sampling instruments and maintaining their calibration as well as the expense of having samples analyzed by a certified laboratory must be factored into the budget.

The best use of dollar resources will determine the best approach to the effective use of the money available. Programs that may require sampling are hazardous chemicals, radiation, and noise. If new chemicals are to be put to use, this may require more sampling than previously. If OSHA citations have been issued, then more sampling may be necessary to maintain compliance. The presence of hazardous waste may require training in spill containment and remediation as well as contracts for disposal and spill cleanup or remediation. The health issues involved in the company's operation may result in special types of personal protective equipment being needed and purchased. Training will be needed on the use of the equipment, which is a cost factor in loss of production and time and must be accounted for.

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