Analyzing Incident Data

The importance of monitoring and tracking the overall safety and health efforts of companies cannot be overstated. If companies do not keep records on all aspects of its accident prevention effort, they will not have the information needed to obtain continuous funding for accident prevention or justification of its performance value. Those companies will not be able to explain where budget dollars were expended, nor will they have a way to assess the loss-control progress within the company. The data for comparing a company's performance against trends and tendencies of occupational injuries and illnesses occurring in other companies or nationally come from the records being kept by individual companies.

Tracking should not just be a count of recordable incidents. Companies should track near misses, equipment damage, and first-aid events.

Tracking means that company officials must pay close attention to workers' compensation cases as well as their associated costs. The longer an individual is off the job, the more the cost, and the greater the likelihood that the worker will not return to work.

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