Why Are Goals Needed for Employee Involvement?

  • • To reduce accidents, through a cooperative effort, by eliminating as many workplace hazards as possible
  • • To reduce the number of safety and health-related complaints filed with regulatory agencies without infringing on the workers' federal and state rights
  • • To promote worker participation in all safety and health programs
  • • To promote training in the areas of recognition, avoidance, and the prevention of occupational hazards
  • • To establish another line of communication whereby the workers can voice their concerns regarding potential hazards and then receive feedback on the status or action being taken


Why is employee involvement critical to attaining better and more effective operations for a company?

  • • Increased commitment to achieving the organization's goals or mission.
  • • Improved productivity, safety and health, customer service, and product quality.
  • • Joint resolution of problems and issues facing the organization.
  • • Shared responsibility and accountability for results and outcomes.
  • • Better and more constructive relationship between labor and management.
  • • Enhanced employee morale and job satisfaction.
  • • Heightened communication and information sharing that brings all employees into the decision-making process. This helps them understand the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization and fosters employee support of the organization's undertakings.
  • • Increased job security and compensation.

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