Record Keeping

Each participating party (labor and management) should keep its own notes of all meetings and inspections, as well as copies of agendas. This will ensure that agreements and disagreements, time schedules, actions to be taken, etc., are not lost, forgotten, neglected, or misinterpreted. Time has a way of encouraging each one of these things to happen. Good record keeping will also assist in keeping the direction and undertakings of the joint committee in focus. A formal set of minutes and reports on inspections should be maintained by the joint committee

Do's and Don'ts of L/M Committees Do's:

  • • Always give an agenda to committee members in advance of a meeting; this allows everyone time for preparation.
  • • Cancel a meeting only for emergencies; hold meetings on schedule.
  • • Set timelines for solving problems.
  • • Focus on the issues involved.
  • • Do stay on schedule and stick to the starting and ending times in the agenda.
  • • Decide on a structured approach to recording and drafting minutes, as well as mechanisms for disseminating them.
  • • Keep the broader workforce informed of the activities of the committee.
  • • Keep issues on the agenda until they are resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
  • • Give worker representatives time to meet as a group and prepare for the meeting.
  • • Be on time for the meetings.
  • • Make sure that everyone understands the issues and problems to be discussed.


  • • Tackle the most difficult problems first since some early successes will build a stronger foundation.
  • • Work on broadly defined issues, but deal with specific problems and concrete corrective actions.
  • • Allow the meeting to be a gripe session when problem solving is the result.
  • • Allow any issue to be viewed as trivial; each issue is important to someone.
  • • Let individual personalities interfere with either the meetings or the intent of the committee.
  • • Be a know-it-all and assume you know the answer; give everyone an opportunity to participate in solving the problem.
  • • Neglect to get all the facts before trying to solve an issue or problem.
  • • Prolong meetings.
  • • Delay conveying and communicating the solutions to problems and the outcomes or accomplishments that the committee has achieved.
  • • Expect miraculous successes or results immediately since many of the problems and issues did not occur overnight.
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