Joint L/M Occupational Safety and Health Committees

A joint L/M occupational safety and health (OSH) committee is a specialized application of the joint L/M committee and is an excellent format, which others can replicate. This type of committee is organized to address specific workplace issues such as the following:

  • • Monitor safety and health programs
  • • Inspect the workplace to identify hazards
  • • Conduct and review accident investigations
  • • Recommend interventions and prevention initiatives
  • • Review injury and illness data for incident trends
  • • Act as a sounding board for workers who express safety and health concerns
  • • Become involved in designing and planning for a safe and healthy workplace
  • • Make recommendations to the company regarding actions, solutions, and program needs for safety and health
  • • Participate in and observe workplace exposure monitoring and medical surveillance programs
  • • Assure that training and education fully address safety and health issues facing the workplace

The goals of the joint L/M OSH committees are as follows:

  • • To reduce accidents, through a cooperative effort, by eliminating as many workplace hazards as possible
  • • To reduce the number of safety- and health-related complaints filed with regulatory agencies without infringing on the workers' federal and state rights
  • • To promote worker participation in all safety and health programs
  • • To promote training in the areas of recognition, avoidance, and the prevention of occupational hazards
  • • To establish another line of communication whereby the workers can voice their concerns regarding potential hazards and then receive feedback on the status or action taken
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