Workplace Inspections

Workplace audits are inspections that are conducted to evaluate certain aspects of the work environment regarding occupational safety and health (OSH). The use of safety and health audits has been shown to have a positive effect on a company's loss control initiative. In fact, companies who perform safety and health audits have fewer accidents/incidents than companies who do not perform audits. The safety and health audits (inspections), which are often conducted in workplaces, serve a number of evaluative purposes. The following are reasons why audits or inspections are performed:

  • 1. Check compliance with company rules and regulations
  • 2. Check compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules
  • 3. Determine the safety and health condition of the workplace
  • 4. Determine the safe condition of equipment and machinery
  • 5. Evaluate supervisor's safety and health performance
  • 6. Evaluate workers' safety and health performance
  • 7. Evaluate progress regarding safety and health issues and problems
  • 8. Determine the effectiveness of new processes or procedural changes

Workplace inspections are important for the following reasons:

  • • They save on cost after something transpires.
  • • They dwell on the present or potential problems.
  • • They allow for real-time observations.
  • • They identify presently existing hazards.
  • • They can detect existing performance, procedural, and behavioral issues.
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