When to Inspect?

The supervisor or project inspector must perform daily inspections of active work sites to detect hazardous conditions resulting from equipment or materials or unsafe work practices. The supervisor, inspector, or site safety and health officer must perform periodic inspections of the workplace at a frequency established in the work site's specific safety and health program. The supervisor, in conjunction with the site safety and health officer, should determine the required frequency of these inspections based on the level and complexity of anticipated work activities and on the hazards associated with these activities. In addition to a review of work site conditions and activities, these inspections must include an evaluation of the effectiveness of the work site safety and health program in addressing site hazards and in protecting site workers. The safety and health officer may need to revise the safety and health program as necessary to ensure the program's continued effectiveness. Work crew supervisors, foremen, and employees need to inspect their workplace prior to the start of each work shift or new activity. At a minimum, supervisors and employees should do the following:

  • 1. Check the equipment and materials that they will use during the operation or work shift for damage or defects that could present a safety hazard.
  • 2. Check the work area for new or changing site conditions or activities that could present a safety hazard.
  • 3. Employees shall immediately report identified hazards to their supervisors.
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