Why Roles and Responsibilities?

Everyone is responsible for safety and health and accident/incident prevention. This statement also means that no one in particular is accountable or responsible. Four entities must be accountable and responsible for the OSH effort:

  • 1. All levels of management must demonstrate their commitment to the company's policies and procedures regarding safety and health by their presence, visibility, actions, adherence, and behavior.
  • 2. The person who, by background or experience, has been assigned responsibility and therefore assigned accountability to ensure that the company's safety and health program is adhered to.
  • 3. The supervisor, who models the company's safety personality and is the liaison between management and the worker relevant to the implementation of safety, must be held both responsible and accountable for safety in his/her work area.
  • 4. Employees are responsible for abiding by the company's rules and policies and are accountable for their own behavior, safe or unsafe.

Each of these entities must understand both their responsibilities and accountabilities regarding the safety and health policies and procedures of the company. The sum total of their actual actions and behavior makes up the outward manifestation of the company's culture.

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