Positive Safety Culture

An organization, corporation, or company with a positive safety culture is one that gives appropriate priority to safety and realizes that OSH has to be managed like other areas of the business. Safety culture is more than just avoiding accidents or even reducing the number of accidents, although these are most likely to be the outcomes or measurement of a positive or successful safety culture.

A positive safety culture is doing the right thing at the right time in response to normal or emergency operation. The quality and effectiveness of training will play an important role in determining the attitudes and performance toward safe production or performance. These attitudes toward safety are in large part a mirror image of the culture set up by the company or corporation.

The keys to achieving a positive safety culture are as follows:

  • • Recognizing that all accidents are preventable by following correct procedures and established best practices
  • • Maintaining constant awareness and thinking about safety
  • • Trying to improve safety on a continuous basis

The goal is to have effectively trained workers who are motivated to self-regulate and take personal responsibility to work safely using the safest practices where these have become an integrated part of the workers' value system and company culture.

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