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Bulletin Boards

Well-designed and maintained bulletin boards can communicate safety and health messages. The most effective bulletin boards are those placed in well-lit areas convenient to the workforce. They are usually spacious and well designed to provide good spacing between items. The bulletin board should have a single focus on safety and health specifically to display information, for example, on accident statistics or confined spaces. It must be kept current especially if statistical data are displayed. In other words, a 6-month-old date should not be displayed if monthly data are available. You should change the topic on a monthly basis to keep it fresh, i.e., switch from lifting to ladder safety.

Electronic Signs

A computer-controlled electronic message sign in the workplace, along highways, and outside of businesses is an important communication tool. The advantage is that the message can be changed and updated quickly. The message, alert, or notice is, or can be, a function of real time. It can be easily changed to convey the new hot topic. This also compels workers to pay attention to it so that they do not miss anything that is new or important to them. One company used an electronic sign thanking the workers for completing a special order without any injuries. These types of signs may be one of the best safety and health communication tools. If you have a large facility with multiple entrances, you will need to have one for each entrance. If these signs help keep current safety and health issues on the workers' minds, then they are probably well worth the cost.

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