Safety and Health Posters

The posters seen in many workplaces that communicate a number of messages relevant to safety and health with color and graphics are eye-catching and provide a simplistic safety and health message. These posters usually have one message at a time. You must have a poster program to ensure that you are constantly rotating or replacing posters on at least a monthly basis. The posters become stale with time. They might impress visitors, but they quickly lose effectiveness with the workforce if they are not current and are ever changing.

Public Address System

If your company has a public address system that reaches all areas of the workplace and loud noise is not a problem, then short safety and health messages or alerts can be communicated during the workday. These types of announcements should be written ahead of time and should not be announced so often that they become something the workers tune out. They could be a reminder of a hazard that exists, an explanation of an accident/ incident, or the safety message of the day. These messages should be short and to the point.

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