Evaluating the Effectiveness of Controls

Sometimes, hazard controls do not work as well as expected. Therefore, the committee or representative should monitor the effectiveness of the corrective action taken by the employer during inspections and other activities. Ask these questions:

  • • Have the controls solved the problem?
  • • Is the risk posed by the original hazard contained?
  • • Have any new hazards been created?
  • • Are new hazards appropriately controlled?
  • • Are monitoring processes adequate?
  • • Have workers been adequately informed about the situation?
  • • Have orientation and training programs been modified to deal with the new situation?
  • • Are any other measures required?
  • • Are the effectiveness of hazard control documented in your committee minutes?

Awareness Devices

Awareness devices are linked to the senses. They are warning devices that can be heard and seen. They act as alerts to workers but create no type of physical barrier. They are found in most workplaces and carry with them a moderate degree of effectiveness. The following are such devices:

  • • Backup alarms
  • • Warning signals, both audible and visual
  • • Warning odor
  • • Beepers
  • • Horns
  • • Sirens
  • • Labels
  • • Warning signs
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