Work Procedures, Training, and Supervision

Supervisors can be trained to apply modern safety management and supervisory practices. Workers can be trained to use standardized safe work practices. The employer should periodically review and update operating procedures and worker training. Refresher training should be offered periodically. The employer is expected to ensure that employees follow safe work practices.

Hazard Prevention and Controls

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards such as machines, work procedures, and hazardous substances that can cause injury or illnesses. It is known from past practices and situations that something must be done to mitigate or remove hazards from the workplace. Actions taken often create other hazards that did not exist before attempting to address the existing hazard.

Many companies have suggestion programs where workers receive rewards for suggestions that are implemented. It is no secret that the person who often has the best ideas on how to decrease or remove a hazard is the one who faces that hazard as part of doing normal work. Involving those who are impacted most in decision-making processes that affect their work is a sound management practice.

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