It is envisioned that this is why OSHA is an asset to employers. Knowledge has been shown to fix accountability, as well as responsibility, in those who claim ignorance of it.

The workplace is where both labor and management spend the bulk of their waking hours. With this in mind, the safety and health of those in the workplace should be everyone's concern and responsibility.

Employers and safety and health professionals need to know how OSHA provides for worker safety and health on work sites. This will also assist in assuring that the workers' rights are protected and give them the knowledge to help mitigate safety and health issues and problems that may arise. This type of knowledge should ensure a safer and more productive work site. Respect for the efficient, effective, and proper use of the safety and health rules will have a positive effect upon those in the workplace.

Although it is the ultimate responsibility of the employer to provide for workplace safety and health, adherence to OSHA occupational safety and health rules is the foundation upon which a good safety and health program can be built. The program should hold everyone responsible for the well-being of those in the workplace, including the employer, managers, supervisors, and workers. All should abide by the safety and health rules and the OSHA standards. Together, and through cooperation, all parties can assure a safe and healthy workplace. A safe and healthy home away from home is, and should, be the ultimate goal.

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