Why Change the Frequency of Performing a Job?

Can the physical conditions that created the hazard be changed? Physical conditions may be tools, materials, and equipment that may not be right for the job. These conditions can be corrected by either engineering revisions or administrative revisions, or a combination of both.

If hazards cannot be engineered out of the job, can the job procedure be changed? Be careful here because changes in job procedures to help eliminate the hazards must be carefully studied. If the job changes are too difficult, long, or uncomfortable, then the employee will take risks or shortcuts to avoid these procedures. Caution must be exercised when changing job procedures to avoid creating additional hazards. Can the necessity of doing the job, or the frequency of performing the job, be reduced? Often, maintenance jobs requiring frequent service or repair of equipment are hazardous. To reduce the necessity of such a repetitive job, ask what can be done to eliminate the cause or condition that makes excessive repair or service necessary.

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