Why Consider PPE?

Finally, can PPE be used? The use of PPE should always be the last consideration in reducing the hazards of a job. The usefulness of PPE depends entirely on the worker's willingness to use it faithfully. It is always better to control the hazards of a job by administrative or engineering revisions. PPE should only be considered as a temporary solution for protecting a worker from a hazard, or as supplemental protection to other solutions.

During the JSA/JHA process, safety problems are going to surface. Some of these problems will be easily solved with suggestions made to upper management. Administrative revisions are the easiest to make because there is little if any capital outlay. New, better, or additional PPE normally takes minimum expenditure and can be instituted promptly. Work-saving tools and other equipment may take large expenditures and might be phased in over time as tools or equipment is replaced. Engineering revisions may take time to design and install. Changes in physical conditions may have to be engineered into the next upgrade or redesign.

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