Why Maintenance?

Maintenance crews should use established company and industry guidelines to determine whether vehicles, equipment, and machinery should be returned to service. They need to determine the cause of damage or deterioration. Such analysis may help identify improper use of machinery, equipment, or vehicles, or faulty maintenance procedures, which should be corrected. All maintenance or repairs for each vehicle should be documented on a separate maintenance reporting form.

Never allow any vehicle, machinery, or equipment that is not operating safely to leave the maintenance facility. Unsafe vehicles, machinery, or equipment should be locked out and tagged out to prevent their use.

Why Management's Responsibility?

Management's responsibility is to establish inspection and reporting procedures for drivers. It must assure compliance with state, federal, and industry rules. Its job is to select operators and provide them with adequate training for inspecting critical components and in order to determine whether their vehicle, equipment, or machinery is safe to be put into service. Management must enforce both operator inspection and maintenance policies. It must see to it that maintenance personnel are responsive to reported deficiencies, and it must establish company standards for placing vehicles, equipment, or machinery out of service. It must assure that preventive maintenance procedures adequately detect and repair worn or defective components.

Management must make sure operators and maintenance personnel are trained and knowledgeable to make a determination during inspections as to whether or not a vehicle, machinery, or equipment is safe or should be taken out of service. Neither set of employees should perceive that management wants them to circumvent good safety practices.

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