Type III Events

A type III workplace violence event consists of an assault by an individual who has some employment-related involvement with the workplace. Generally, a type III event involves a threat of violence, or a physical act of violence resulting in a fatal or nonfatal injury to an employee, supervisor, or manager of the affected workplace by the following types of individuals:

  • • Current or former employee, supervisor, or manager
  • • Some other person who has a dispute with an employee of the affected workplace, e.g., current or former spouse or lover, relative, friend, or acquaintance

Type III events account for a much smaller proportion of fatal workplace injuries. Type III events accounted for only 10% of workplace homicides.

Why Address Workplace Violence?

If the risk of workplace violence exists, this is the reason to address security that will provide protection to an employer's workforce. The following are why it needs to be addressed:

  • • Workplace violence is a real issue; thus, it is a reality.
  • • History has shown that the potential for workplace violence exists.
  • • It is a real risk that could impact all workplaces.
  • • The statistics indicate that a number of deaths and injuries have resulted from this type of violence.
  • • Certain employers and their workplaces have more of a prevalence for violence.
  • • Certain employee occupations are more at risk of violence than others.
  • • Some physical workplaces are more vulnerable to violence than others.
  • • The presence or handling of money tends to increase the risk.
  • • Certain clients (mentally ill) increase the risk of violence.
  • • Employees who travel or work outside the employer's facilities have more potential risk or exposure.
  • • It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe workplace for his/her employees.
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