Human Characteristics

The human side of human factors involves the task of fitting people into the workplace in a safe and healthy manner. This is most recognizable when the statement is made that "people are different." This is seen in the size, length, and width of people, which do not permit a one-size-fits-all answer for issues of trying develop workplaces, furniture, tools, and equipment to accommodate all. This has resulted in most items being adjustable, but the extremes may still not fit. When reworking a workplace is not possible, then limitations on hiring may have to be implemented, and now that becomes a human resource issue.

Also, humans have been conditioned over time to expect certain actions to work in a predictable way, and if they do not, this could cause an accident or incident. If we want someone to think before equipment is turned off, the turning-off direction threading would be reversed from clockwise to counterclockwise. To slow a car's speed, the brake would be applied by pushing on the pedal. This is the expected human response to stopping.

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