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Applying human factor principles means the following:

  • • People are very important.
  • • Concern for employee well-being is important.
  • • As with any good management approach, workers must be involved and empowered.
  • • It improves morale and enhances employee and labor relations.
  • • It positions the business for changing trends and improves potential profitability.
  • • It improves occupational safety and health.
  • • It provides flexibility in responding to all, leading to a competitive business edge.
  • • It allows for quicker problem solving.

When the discussion concerns human factors, it becomes a philosophical back and forth, as it is really ergonomics. Earth looks at the two (human factors and ergonomics) as one and the same. So for simplicity purposes, just consider them synonymous, since their common purpose is to make the workplace safer and healthier by making the interface between the work environment, its machine/equipment, and its humans (employees) a safer and healthier place to work. Is this not the ultimate goal?

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