Developing an Ergonomic Program

When ergonomic-related issues exist, it would be suggested that the first undertaking be to develop a written ergonomic incident prevention program. This program should contain the elements that will lead to prevention. This would include management commitment and employee involvement. (Employee involvement is critical in solving ergonomic-related problems.) The second element should be hazard identification and assessment. The third element would be hazard control and prevention, managing injuries/illnesses, and education and training. Lastly, evaluate its effectiveness and progress.

An ergonomics program that contains well-recognized program elements is necessary. All of these core elements are essential to the effective functioning of ergonomics programs. These elements have been endorsed by both private industry and OSHA as keys to ergonomic program effectiveness. All of the elements are important, although many safety and health professionals believe that management leadership and employee participation are the keystone of an effective ergonomics program.

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