Physical Work Activities and Conditions

The following physical work activities and conditions contribute to ergonomic potential for ergonomic-related problems:

  • • Physical demands of work
  • • Workplace and workstation conditions and layout
  • • Characteristics of objects that are handled or used
  • • Environmental conditions

Employers should examine a job in which an ergonomic injury/illness has occurred to identify the physical work activities and workplace conditions and then evaluate the risk factors to assess the work environment. This will help to limit exposures.

Limits of Exposure

To make a determination as to the real risk, the following should be examined: duration, frequency, and magnitude (i.e., modifying factors) of the employee's exposure to the ergonomic risk factors. These risk factors do not always rise to the level that poses a significant risk of injury. This may be because the exposure does not last long enough, is not repeated frequently enough, or is not intensive enough to pose a risk.

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