Managing Fire Safety

The owner, manager, or employer of workers in a building or facility should have the answers to these questions:

  • • Do you have a fire emergency plan?
  • • Has it been reviewed and approved by the fire department?
  • • Have tenants and employees been given instruction on the details of the plan?
  • • Can the facility be evacuated to the street without interfering with fire department personnel?
  • • If the previous answer is no, are there areas of refuge at the facility?
  • • Are there provisions for physically challenged people who may be present?
  • • If a fire starts, will it be detected promptly? How?
  • • Will the fire department be notified promptly? How?
  • • Is there a provision for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning smoke control?
  • • Is there an emergency communications system?
  • • Does the facility have area floor wardens? Have they been trained?
  • • Are firefighting equipment, emergency generators, and lighting systems ready to use if needed?
  • • Are all existing doors and exits clear?
  • • Are emergency hoses and fire extinguishers in working order?
  • • Will security measures, such as locking of doors, interfere with evacuation of occupants or access of firefighters?
  • • Is the fire department familiar with the facility in all aspects that would be helpful during an emergency?
  • • Has space been designated for a fire department command center at the facility?
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