Why Hazmats Need Special Handling

There are thousands upon thousands of chemicals, which each have their own physical and chemical properties. These are the reasons they require specific handling:

  • • Workers must be protected during all cycles when these chemicals are manufactured, used, handled, stored, and moved, or during disposal.
  • • Any excess chemicals, waste, and by-products must be handled, stored, and transported in a safe manner.
  • • Only those with knowledge and experience relevant to hazmats should be allowed to manage the hazards presented by them.
  • • It takes specially trained individuals to handle hazmats, who are qualified to wear the appropriate protective equipment.
  • • Information must be available for each chemical regarding its use and handling.
  • • These chemicals are so pervasive throughout society that special precautions must be taken to protect the general public during manufacturing, use, storage, transport, and disposal.
  • • Some of these chemicals are so persistent once in the environment that they will always exist and can only be contained at best.
  • • Some chemicals can have immediate impacts, while others can be an issue in the future.
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