Transportation may not be a philosophy or principle by definition, but we demonstrate the need for it to be addressed. Why address it as a topic in this book? Without burdening anyone with a mountain of data, transportation is a critical element in the modern world since people, materials, goods, food, and needed items all must be transported. Without efficient/safe/dependable transportation, the world as it is today would not exist.

It is expected by those using transportation of any kind that their well-being is insured by the designers and providers of transportation. As is shown by the record, this is not always the case. Usually, when transportation incidents occur, there is a great deal of damage to life, environment, and property. Transportation incidents can result in catastrophic events, with large loss of life and carnage from an airplane crash, loss of the mode of transportation (i.e., ship sinking), or environmental disasters such as fire and explosion from a tanker train derailment.

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