TQM Implementation Approaches

TQM can't have just one effective solution for planning and implementing TQM concepts in all situations. The following is a list of generic models for implementing TQM theory:

  • • Train top management on TQM principles.
  • • Assess the current culture, customer satisfaction, and quality management system.
  • • Top management determines the core values and principles and communicates them.
  • • Develop a TQM master plan based on steps 1, 2, and 3.
  • • Identify and prioritize customer needs, and determine products or services to meet those needs.
  • • Determine the critical processes that produce those products or services.
  • • Create process improvement teams.
  • • Managers support the efforts by planning, training, and providing resources to the team.
  • • Management integrates changes for improvement in daily process management. After improvements, standardization takes place.
  • • Evaluate progress against the plan and adjust as needed.
  • • Provide constant employee awareness and feedback. Establish an employee reward/recognition process.
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