Safety and Health Integrated into TQM

The goal of continuous improvement by using TQM is compatible with occupational safety and health (OSH), whose goal is to improve the protection of the workforce from inherent hazards in the workplace using tried-and-true management techniques. Instead of having two management systems, OSH is compatible with the stated goals and principles of TQM to form a total overall management system. The integration can increase the success of TQM by incorporating some important aspects of OSH. They are as follows:

  • • System design, development, and training
  • • Evaluating and improving the safety process
  • • Improving employee participation and delegation
  • • Total safety management and delegation of responsibility
  • • Adaptive hazard management
  • • Innovative safety management
  • • Reducing employee errors
  • • Risk management

All of these are compatible with the total process approach that is both TQM and OSH. This can easily be adapted as one system approach. Integrating these two management systems will increase productivity and save some time and cost while preventing duplication of effort. As demonstrated by the previous pages of this book, the principles and philosophies of OSH are very much the same as those espoused by TQM.

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