Lean Safety

In an effort to improve occupational safety and health (OSH), some have used a manufacturing process approach whose goal is continuous improvement. This is supposed to be accomplished by addressing cycle time from customer order to delivering a product by eliminating waste. Lean is a process review and improvement activity. This has taken a logical path that is working to incorporate safety with all other business activities. Lean and lean safety is the newest trend in business today. It is the word of the day, and it is lean.

New Approaches: Lean Safety and Sustainability

Lean safety is an evolving process that is gaining much support in the safety and health community. The lean process fosters engagement and ownership, where everyone is treated with dignity and contributes to successfully sustain it. With this in mind, safety and health can become a contributor and accepted component of continuous improvement, the core concept in lean.

Lean production strategy is utilized by companies and businesses to improve reliability, versatility, productivity, quality, and reduction of reworks and inventory. The reduction of waste through the entire production process results in finished products at the pace of customer demand with little or no waste. Safety must be integrated into the production process and recognized as a component of the waste reduction strategy since occupational injuries, illnesses, and deaths must be viewed as a waste of resources, which needs to be reduced.

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