Learning and Training

The lean strategy for training and learning is that everyone needs to be involved because each employee brings with him/her life experiences, relevant knowledge, and practical approaches, which need to be channeled into the lean process. Lean will require the learning of a new vocabulary. Everyone will need to see how lean thinking is beneficial, how to use lean tools, how to accelerate improvement, how safety fits into lean activities, and how they fit in the lean process. This provides a baseline or knowledge base from which all can work.

By expanding employee knowledge and expertise and fostering lifelong learning, this will change the culture to problem solving and improving safety for everyone. Employees can make a difference. Employees who feel engaged and trusted make improvement and safety a daily priority.

Thus, the learning/training model provides the company with many new eyes to detect waste and begin the process of elimination. There is so much knowledge in numbers. The more active participants (employees), the more solutions and improvement possible.

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