Phase equilibria in ionic liquid facilitated liquid-liquid extractions

Liquid-Liquid Equilibria: Experiments, Correlation and PredictionIntroductionExtraction of Butanol from Fermentation BrothExtraction of Biochemicals (Acetic Acid and Furfural) from Aqueous PhasePredictive ModelsExtraction MethodologyUNIQUAC and Nonrandom Two-Liquid Model EquationsGenetic Algorithm for Prediction of Model ParametersTernary and Quaternary LLE SystemsTernary LLE SystemsQuaternary Systems for Butanol RecoveryPrediction of Phase Behavior by Statistical Associating Fluid Theory ModelsLLE Phase Equilibria ComputationReferencesCOSMO-SAC: A Predictive Model for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties on a-priori BasisLiquid-Phase ThermodynamicsEstimation of Electrostatic ContributionGeometry Optimization of the MoleculeSegmented SurfaceDetermination of Segment PropertiesComputation of the Restoring Free Energy (AG/)Segment Chemical PotentialSigma Profiles of Simple CompoundsSigma Profiles and Potentials of Ionic LiquidsRestoring Free EnergyPredictions of Tie LinesPredictions of LLE of Ionic Liquid SystemsReferencesApplication of COSMO-SAC in Complex Phase Behavior: Vapor-Liquid-Liquid EquilibriaIntroductionThermodynamics of VLLEExperimental Procedure of VLLEComputational Techniques of VLLEVLLE by Equilibrium and Flash ApproachEquilibrium EquationsFlash EquationsProblem Formulation and Predicted Phase Equilibria of VLLEReferencesModification in COSMO-SACIntroductionHydrogen Bonding in Ionic LiquidsGaussian-Type Probability for Hydrogen BondingComputational DetailsApplication of Modified COSMO-SAC in LLEReferencesParticle Swarm Optimization and Application to Liquid-Liquid EquilibriumIntroductionComputational DetailsIsothermal Sum Rate AlgorithmParticle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmProblem FormulationResults and DiscussionsTuning of Particle Swarm Optimization ParametersCost Optimization ResultsEffect of Ionic Liquid Cost on OptimizationReferencesCuckoo Search Optimization and Application to Liquid-Liquid EquilibriumIntroductionCuckoo Search Algorithm Evaluation of Cuckoo Search, Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms on Benchmark FunctionsActivity Coefficient Models: Nonrandom Two-Liquid and UNIQUACLiquid-Liquid Equilibria ModellingImplementation of Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Multi-Component IL-Based SystemsEffect of BoundsMaximum Number of Iterations and Population SizeComparison with Reported DataComparison between Cuckoo Search, Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Multi-Component SystemsConclusionsReferences
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