Overview of the Book

The book compromises seven chapters. This chapter, the introduction, states the importance of motivational regulation in SRL and for language learning. It additionally states the necessity of the present research on motivational regulation as reported in this book. Chapter 2 first acquaints the reader with the theoretical foundation of motivational regulation study by introducing social cognitive learning theory and two models of SRL. It then reviews the previous empirical studies on motivational regulation, including the studies investigating the motivational regulation strategies and the relations between motivational regulation with other components of SRL and academic achievement. In addition, this chapter also presents the other two components of SRL: the motivational component and self-regulated learning strategies. Chapter 3 discusses the importance of motivational regulation for FL learning and the necessity of examining motivational regulation in FL learning. It also gives an overview of selfregulated language learning as well as its important components. Chapter 4 concentrates on the survey study of motivational regulation strategies as used by Chinese college students learning English. Chapter 5 presents the impact of motivational regulation on English learning process and achievement, including the relationship between motivational regulation strategies and motivational beliefs, language learning strategies, as well as English achievement. Chapter 6 is a case study that reveals the differences in motivational regulation between high and low English achievers. Chapter 7 provides a summary of the major findings, implications of the study on motivational regulation, and recommendations for future research.

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