This chapter first gave an overview of self-regulated language learning, pointing out that its essential components include motivation, languagelearning strategies, and motivational regulation. Second, it presented previous studies of L2 motivation, which suggest that the studies on self-efficacy and goal orientations related to SLA are limited and that the present line of research on L2 motivation is the dynamic nature of motivation. The emphasis on the dynamic character of L2 motivation and the recent line of research on the process model of L2 motivation indicate the importance of motivational self-regulation. The chapter then discussed the importance and necessity of motivational regulation for FL learning. It also pointed out that motivational regulation is an ignored area in L2 research and studies on motivational regulation in FL learning are needed.

Finally, it reviewed the previous studies on language-learning strategies,

including the definition of language-learning strategy, classifications of

language-learning strategies and empirical studies on the effectiveness of

language-learning strategies for L2 learning.

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